Video Contributors Guideline

Our Audience

Although males represent 20% of our followers, our target demographic is women, ages 25 to 54. Therefore it’s imperative that your stories speak to their life experience and interest.

Our emphasis is on relationships. That’s what most women have in common, whether it’s advice on marriage, dating, women’s health, family issues, or sex and lifestyles.

What We’re Looking For

VideoPitch Contributors are a community of artist, authors, speakers, fitness and health experts, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and people who are simply passionate about sharing ideas and information to entertain, inform and inspire.

VideoPitch specializes in short form video content, 3 minutes or less. However, we are expanding our platform to included long form content, which will be requested by our producers based on the success of the short form submissions.

Videos must be of an original work. We do not accept second or third party content. It must be produced and owned by the contributor. It must be of high audio and video quality. And here’s what makes us unique, all of our contributor submissions must be produced with one common theme, to improve the lives of others. We do not accept content that defames or demeans anyone in any way. Our goal is to promote class, positivity, and unity.

If that’s your objective as a producer, then welcome home! 

Getting Started

Application Process:

  • Fill out the Contributor Application Form and make sure you provide a link to your resume as well as links to your 10 best videos that you believe are most compatible with our demographics.
  • Our staff will review the material, and if there’s an interest, we’ll contact you.
  • Once your application is accepted our staff will walk you through your orientation.
  • All you have to do is maintain a high quality of work and be consistent.
  • We would like you to be apart of our team of video contributors to help grow our followers, expand your brand as a writer and make lots of money!

Contributor Application Form

Contact Us

For additional questions regarding becoming a Video Contributor, click the button below to send of an email.